Tuesday, July 28, 2009

First 3d test scene

So this is my attempt at 3d, I am trying to learn the program and its been frustrating...So this is it, it's still a WIP but I thought I'd share my scene anyway, practice makes perfect right? Needless to say, I started posing carefully, then quickly turned to just animating and winging it...feel free to drop any pointers or tips.


R.A. MacNeil said...

Cool stuff. I like you use of z space.

Trent Correy said...

Hey Matt
awesome blog mna, I really look up to all your animations on the 11 second club, and I finally completed my first one in August! I'm trying again, because I was disapointed with the outcome...
anyways, thought I'd drop u a line, tell u how awesome and inspirering all your work is! keep up all the great work!

Kelly said...

Hey Matt,
I work at HB with Joel and Josh, and I've seen a lot of your awesome 2d stuff on the 11 second club page and your reel. Pretty cool that you are getting into 3d. I think you will find the less you let the computer do the better your animation will turn out. Anyway here is a good little bit of work flow advice that might help. You pretty much put all your key poses at the beginning of the time line, 1,2,3,4 ect.. and then once you have those done you put a space in between every frame and add your breakdown (and try to build in your overlap/drag arc all that good stuff in your breakdowns), or add more space and make more breakdowns if you need them. Then when that's all done you should ideally have your shot. After that its just spacing out your keys for your timing and details and polish. This is a nice way to not let the computer do any inbetweens for you that might distract you (like a weird hand rotation) Its a pretty nice workflow, I've heard of quite a few professionals that work this way, they say its more intuitive for 2d animators going onto 3d. Anyway hope that helped. Also, I've been meaning to experiment with some 2d stuff, what program do you usually work in? Any tips?

Matt Shepherd said...

Hey Kelly

WHat you're saying about work flow sounds interesting, I'll give it a shot, I think I need to simplify alot for now, I find it difficult to try and apply what I think I know in 2d INTO my 3d animations.

I usually use flash, but I did one submission on paper in May I think, the fighter pilot. YOu have a blog?

Kelly said...

lol, yeah I think the key to 3d animation is to not let the computer win. I saw your pilot animation for the 11 second club, and though it was amazing, definitely your best work. So I think you understand animation very well, you just have to get a bit more comfortable on a 3d program. But that's the easy part, learning animation is the hard part ;)
No blog for me, but I think I might start one soon, I do have a website but its more for my reel, KellyAnimation.com

Also what is your email, you can send it to my email so the whole world doesn't know, here is mine Kelly.d.perez@gmail.com

I am asking because I am also an animation mentor student and I would really love your feedback on some of my animations.
Alright, ttyl.

jessicaLynn said...

hey matt!!
Great animation!
Id love your help!
I will let you know when I am read to send out some more scenes! I am going to the festival next week! Im excitied! (