Monday, October 5, 2009

11 second club submission -September

Here is my latest submission, after a failed 3d attempt(which is not on my blog) I decided to take a stab at another 2d animation. I ended up placing 2nd out of 141. You can see a higher quality test on youtube or at


Trent Correy said...

Hey Matt
I was hoping you'd win man..great work here!
I love the starting pose...also that blink during the pause is perfect!(great overall acting) you got mad 2d skills man!

BJ Crawford said...

This piece is fantastic. All the little gestures are perfect. And the design...what can you say!?!

Great job on this one.


Matt Shepherd said...


Liane-Cho had some really solid posing and the timing was really nice. I did some digging, Cho worked on the Illusionist by the director of Triplets of Bellville, pretty swanky!

I was hoping to see a piece from you BJ! I'm participating again this month too. Hope to see you guys put in some more work, its nice to watch.

The audio for October is pretty dry, it'll be interesting to see how people handle it.

Andy said...

I love all your entries man, always really fun to watch.

p.maestro said...

you know what they say, second place is the first place after first place. nice work, can't wait to see your october submission. you Are october-submitting right?

Biff said...

Hey Matt, I really dig your work as well. I don't know if you received my response to your comment (I replied), but email me at if you'd like to discuss audio.


Mario Richard said...

Hello Matt, thanks for the comment, the Tigger scenes where just for myself and demoreel. (I replied to you question on my blog too).
And wow, I absolutely love your animation! Your 11 second scenes are so good, all of them. I Love The faces and expressions, and how malleable and subtle they are. I love the acting(believable!) and how the poses flow from one another, as if there's no underlying poses anymore, its all unified.

My favorite I think is this one with the lady. I love the camper on the bunk bed too.

Very inspirational, looking forward to the next one!