Thursday, November 5, 2009

11 second club submission - October

My latest attempt to win the 11 second contest for the month of October. 2nd out of 207. I was feeling good about this piece but the "mob" is fickle, maybe if I colored it, people seem to be distracted when things are colored, depending on your audience.

As always comments are more than welcome!


Gillian said...

this should have won >.<

Adam Gunn said...


Anonymous said...

Holy shit matt.. Good stuff.

smac said...

Go Matt go! so good man. Looks like something from a feature.

p.maestro said...

this looks so good, that i don't think it could've been better as a rhinocerous this time. good acting

Jenny said...

Bravo! Looks great..................... :-) I am waiting for the Caterpillar though!

nilendra said...

Dear Matt,

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Anonymous said...

Hey Matt.. Don't beat yourself up for coming in 2!!!(*out of over 200)

Just think of a top ten finish as pretty darn good too man.

If i had any advice, the key poses on the words "power" and "jelly" were a little off i thought.

Otherwise, really good smooth piece. Congrats!

Meaghan Peer; said...

Hey Matt, thanks for commenting!
I would say the AM classes are worth it FOR ME.. I woulda never been able to learn 3D on my own.. Hopefully I'll end up good enough for some type of job in that field, and that's the point really ;)
I can vouch for the school's quality, so far my learning experience has been awesome.

Jason Barnes said...

stumbled across your tenacious D short tonight on youtube. love your stuff. you're incredibly talented. all of your characters have such a nice weight to them. where you working these days?