Sunday, December 13, 2009


Star Wars Uncut - Scene 279 from Matthew Shepherd on Vimeo.

Greetings! I animated this for Star Wars uncut this month, the video quality isn't the greatest, not that it would have sold it more. Hope you enjoy watching it!

Check out some still shots. They aren't in any particular order.


Bianca Siercke said...

It turned out great Mat :D!

mateo said...

Awesome work, they should have done a Star Wars animated film like this, very cool.

donny said...

What's with the sunken eyes? Wierd design.

Matt Shepherd said...

I suppose the design is a little different, I like what RUNE BENNICKE does,

(go to second page on his blog to see what I'm talking about.)

Some of his work have the eye socket shaded, ideally the lines around the eyes would be erased, however, I'm not that patient.

It's an attempt to shade the planes of the face, it also helps me track the position of the eyes so they aren't floating around.

Tara said...

That is Awesome Matt!

Patrick Tuorto said...

Hey Matt,

This is outstanding work! I always enjoy your animation. I'm definitely a fan.

This vimeo Star Wars project is kind of what I wanted to do with the 1980 movie Flash Gordon, animate the whole thing using the original sound and dialogue.

Josh Taback said...

I love all your animation Matt. What software do you use?

CarolineJarvis said...

Nicely done Shep!